JR Thompson releases, The Worthy Series

The Worthy Battles Series offers heart-felt Christian fictional books displaying themes of redemption in the rescuing of teenagers on the brink.

JR Thompson releases, The Worthy Battle Series

Rebuilding Alden - Alden is a delinquent youth bent on destroying himself. With abusive and violent tendencies, he meets Probation Officer Phillip Bones whose tough love and sacrificial service give Alden a fighting chance. This story offers an endearing look at the story of a rebellious teenager redeemed by the love of God. Bones sometimes unconventional ways bring suspense and intrigue to a story that turns out better than expected!

Redirecting Billy – Book 2 in The Worthy Battle Series depicts a young boy named Billy whose scheming, lying and thievery are a way of life. Defiant and a possible gang banger, Billy’s life consists of drugs and hussling which are no big deal to Billy. He also sees nothing wrong with usury and making the government pay for his way while he sits at home doing whatever his young heart wills. Billy is easily angered and believes a life of crime is his only future until he meets Probation Officer Phillip Bones. Bones is determined to teach this young man integrity, respect and hard work as a way to success instead of living the life of the streets.

Reprogramming Carlos – Book 3 in The Worthy Series presents Carlos Estrada. A classic clown with no cares in the world. His choice of function is to not take anything seriously. His immaturity is an embarrassment and he is on a path to becoming known as a possible sex offender. In this series, Bones questions whether or not he can help this kid who just does not seem to care about anything. In this heart-wrenching series, a rollercoaster ride of emotions culminates into a story that will make you jump for joy.

Reforming Dawson – Book 4 in The Worthy Battle Series, Dawson, a rich kid born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth thinks his money is what makes him better than everyone else. And worse, Dawson thinks his bribes and temptations will sway Bones from treating him the same as everyone else. It’s obvious Dawson needs a strong reality check and needs to learn the value of good day’s work with a firm lesson on the value of money. With his work cut out for him, Bones proceeds to teach Dawson valuable life lessons that will he will appreciate, once he learns his money can’t save him.

Renovating Elliot – Book 5 in The Worthy Battle Series, Elliot depicts a young boy drowning his problems with alcohol abuse and illegal activity. He seems to like being bad, but his friends realize that Elliot is on his way down into a spiraling death spin that will leave him at the bottom with no way out. But that doesn’t scare Elliot. He likes being in control and no one will tell him what to do – that’s until Probation Officer Phillip Bones gets a hold of him. Bones is in for a battle and a spiritual one at that with this kid! Readers will cheer for joy as they watch Elliot’s transformation. 

Refurbishing Felipe – Book 6 in The Worthy Series, Refurbishing Elliot takes readers on a thrill ride of emotions and into a deep spiritual battle for Felipe’s mind. Controlled by outbursts and radical mood swings, Felipe’s bipolar episodes seemed to be spiraling out of control. His grandparents thought he would outgrow his mood swings but are worried that they are leading Felipe down a very dark path. Bones thinks he has a way of helping Felipe without the use of drugs since Felipe refuses to take his medication; Bones is everyone’s last chance. Felipe and Bones are in for the fight of their life. Will darkness succumb to the light?  

The Worthy Battle Series, is a collection of real-life battles, giving insight into the spiritual battle. These Christian fiction novels have a theme of redemption and restoration for today’s youth. The author has created a unique series that touches on controversial subjects that face our youth of today. With compassion and tough love, the books present an overcoming victory in the face of adversity and youthful rebellion.

JR Thompson has been an advocate for youth for over eighteen years. As a current assistant pastor and director of Canaan’s Land Boys Ranch, his love for under-privileged youth spans a lifetime of service as a mentor, housing foster children, as an adoptive parent, and also as a director for at-risk youth programs. His love and sacrifice remind us all what love looks like to those youth that are our future. Many youths today need loving guidance and a Biblical foundation.  

For more information visit JR Thompson's Amazon page

Author William J. Finnigan

Title: Facing Depression:
Exploring its Cause and Cure
By: Dr. William J. Finnigan
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Facing Depression: Exploring its Cause and Cure by Dr. William J. Finnigan guides readers into a Biblical perspective and cure for depression. His first paragraph packs a punch with staggering statistics from the World Health Organization in that: depression doubles every ten years and by 2020, will be “the most pervasive illness in the world”, coming in second only to heart disease.

With keen insight, Biblical wisdom, and many years of life experience, the author offers readers a practical view pertaining to life challenges with a dismissive view of drugs to be the cure. Inner-attitudes are examined, coupled with character building/flaws and Biblical examples provide a well-rounded and scriptural guideline aimed at understanding the possible “roots” and “cure” for depression.

Three sections lay the foundation of his book Setting the State, Surface Causes of Depression and Root Causes of Depression. These examine the “why and how” of depression that includes life disappointments, unattained goals and separation from God. In the latter chapters, coupled with the first chapter, the author sheds light onto understanding identity and man’s purpose on Earth, God-given purpose and discusses one’s identity in Christ. Further issues are covered such as: discouragement, depression, burnout, oppression and lessons from the Wildlife, which offer sound definitions of the above descriptive terms and insights that apply to the secular world, as well as Christian ministry.

For the reader, they will learn of David, Moses and Elijah, some of the Bible’s greats that all experienced deep disappointment and depression. Scripture is intertwined within these pages, giving the antidote for their dilemmas as our example to follow. Furthermore, most importantly the author assists readers in coming to a conclusion of the “why” they might be feeling depressed and gives them the “how” to recover. Helpful strategies provide mental attitudes according to sound scriptural truths to overcome feelings of being blue or being depressed. The Alphabet Keys were most helpful in using the first letter of the alphabet to describe a way out of depression into happiness, peace and joy derived from the viewpoint of living the Christian lifestyle.

Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief

Title: Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief: 
Spiritual Insights Expressed Through Art, Poetry and ProseBy: Diamante Lavendar
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief: Spiritual Insights Expressed Through Art, Poetry and Prose by Diamante Lavendar combines the beauty of photography and art with inspired poetry and prose that illuminate and comfort the soul. One can also read this book as a daily devotional, as each page highlights the author’s unique ability to translate life’s tragedies into wisdom, insight, while offering inspiration from deep spiritual truths.

Powerful and enlightening, this book will help bring an appreciation for life beyond this fragile life here on earth. She gives readers a different perspective through grief and offers hope by following the light and your heart. She teaches wisdom and offers intersections for change without judgment, thus encouraging readers to examine their own inner thought life, deceptive assumptions and challenges false beliefs. This book has the potential to present poignant and thought-provoking prose and poems that bring a sense of joy, peace, hope and light into the dark soul.

With her own artwork, this book is a unique gift for those who need uplifting and inspiration without being preached to or presenting them with the rhetoric of personal opinions and head knowledge.

Considered to be a crafted gift to those reading it, the author gives of herself in the delight of helping those in darkness and grief find their way. Readers will find hope in their own darkness with this unique book. I cannot recommend this book enough in that it speaks spiritual truths without overwhelming someone with too much information.

A highly recommend and wonderful read to soothe the soul!

You may get your copy of Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief at Amazon and as a download in Kindle.

You may get your copy of Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief at Amazon and as a download in Kindle. 

Author Diamante Lavendar

Title: Breaking the Silence
By: Diamante Lavendar
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

Breaking the Silence is a fiction novel by Diamante Lavendar that reveals the cycle of abuse and innocence stolen.  Joan Eastman, as the main character, breaks the silence of her life that was almost snuffed out from early childhood abuse beginning at the tender age of two. Triumphant and declaring God's goodness, even when others perpetrate evil, this novel is an inspiring testament to the courage of abuse victims to not keep silent and also boldly proclaims healing for the soul that ushers in peace that is available to all through living in the light of Jesus Christ's peace and love.

Through Joan’s diary entries, as she embarks on her second pregnancy, many winding roads reveal a series of life-lessons learned, offering wisdom and solace. In her journey and desperately seeking solutions, Joan embarks on her second pregnancy. The book begins with a scene at her doctor's office. As bed rest is advised to keep the baby to full-term, Joan brings home a diary and reveals her life story. Endearing and touching, readers will come to understand that life is a process, with many twists and turns.

The book cover also beautifully represents a glimpse of symbolically coming to life after death -  revealing God’s transformative power in healing a wounded soul. Let this book bring peace, wisdom and strength to all who have been abused.

The author has written and dedicated this to you - those who have “broken the silence” to continue on into “living” not as one who is not dead in their soul, but having understanding that life and light are found only in Christ and His saving grace.

A powerful read and a well-written novel. 

You may get your copy of Breaking the Silence at Amazon and in Kindle.

Poetry & Ponderings

Title: Poetry & Ponderings:
A Journey of Abuse and Healing Through Poetry
By: Diamante Lavendar
ISBN #978-0-9981673-9-8
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Words can be profound ~ Diamante’s Lavendar’s powerful book, Poetry & Ponderings, offers hope and healing in a transformational and beautiful work of non-fictional poetry and prose. Dedicated to her daughter, and also to those who have been wounded by abuse, this book comes highly recommended for those that desire to understand themselves, their circumstances and has been developed to lead one into a practice of faith in God, giving peace and hope for the future.

For those that appreciate the art of language through poems, expressions and acronyms, and those who also relate to a Christian perspective, this book offers hope in finding new life in God that will instill a deep appreciation for those who choose triumph over tragedy. Hope and encouragement is a common thread throughout as the healing journey is depicted. The author’s deep faith in God displays how God carried her through to the other side of healing, letting others know that He is our help.

The author displays great compassion and a deep love for her beloved child, and for others, that have suffered through years of abuse. Her hopes are to help them find healing through a journey of healing to find God as her poetry and ponderings present to readers the temporal state of all who dwell on Earth. Further, advocating a process of healing (one step at a time), the author gives encouragement to sufferers of abuse that the pain can heal. The author sheds light into the hope available through letting go, forgiveness and focusing on the Lord’s providence, plans, dreams and God’s Word.

Prophetic, insightful and uplifting, the book is framed from a series of “Affirmations” that shed light into the healing process. (Isaiah 61 comes to mind). Within her book are beautifully inspired acronyms for words such as “I Love You” and “Faith” that go straight to the heart. Her book flows, like the ebbing of ocean waves, that speak of life-lessons learned from laying all aside, only to accept what is lovely, pure, holy and true.

Biblical in nature, the author leads readers on a journey to healing and to having a positive outlook on life. These poems will help one to live a God-breathed life to the fullest and to live in a state of forgiveness. This book addresses such issues as: anger, self-esteem, sexual abuse, forgiveness, grief, despair and turns those “ashes” into “beauty.” 

Poetry & Ponderings: A Journey of Abuse and Healing Through Poetry comes highly recommended to those who have been sexually abused, as a way to calm, express and bring clarity, giving hope and affirmation in God that bring healing (and a smile) to a wounded soul.

You may get your copy of Poetry & Ponderings at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.

Author David Harder - Final Grains of Sand

Title: Final Grains of Sand: A Novel
By: David Harder
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Final Grains of Sand: A drama fiction, bringing light and life to James Kreider, a man faced with his own demise. The author blends a fantastic and engaging novel as James plans his funeral.  The novel is inspired by the vibrant and full life of Roy Kreider Woods II (1936-2013). 

Choosing 5 friends who will represent his life at this funeral, this novel is about friendship, displaying God’s love and forgiveness in our lives and living a life that is pleasing to God. All these characteristics describe the character of James Kreider, who in his final moments, leaves a legacy to others before he passes.

Touching and inspiring, this author brings readers through a journey - a journey of a life lived through the man James Kreider, his sufferings and offers a heavenly perspective. All will be able to identify with Kreider in some fashion or another. This book causes one to reflect on the value of life and teaches others to enjoy the present, love others and God above all else, keeping with the theme of choosing love. Each page keeps readers focused, and the Epilogue gives a glimpse of what it might be like to pass from death into eternity, which is intriguing to say the least.

This book comes as a highly recommended read for those that enjoy a blend of Christian fiction with a look at relationships, life on Earth, the realities of our choices on Earth and the impact that we can have on individual lives, one-by-one. An absolutely wonderful, entertaining and deeply touching novel that captures the ingredients of life!

“Like a mirror of reality, learning the information between the covers of a book defines the message hidden in the pages. The life of James Kreider is no different.” ~ David Harder

You may get your copy of Final Grains of Sand at Amazon or as a download in Kindle. Be sure to visit the author at David Harder

Carving Hope out of Depression: Victory Over Darkness and a Path to Self-Love

Title: Carving Hope out of Depression: 
Victory Over Darkness and a Path to Self-Love
By: David Harder
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Carving Hope out of Depression: Victory Over Darkness and a Path to Self-Love by David Harder offers hope for anyone who has or is suffering with depression, loneliness, hopelessness or considered suicide as a way to end the pain. His book presents hope in Jesus Christ, no matter what religion or belief system one holds, we all have different lives, encounters and experiences, yet there is one common thread we all need: Redemption in the love of God. He encourages all to look up to God for help, offering a discovery of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, shedding light on His Word, His hope, His love and offering a light to lead the way out of darkness.

Finding himself with no hope after a string of failed marriages and dashed hopes, the author writes how he once considered suicide as a way to end it all. His journey gives understanding on “how” God’s light saved him through a series of divine appointments and circumstances, presenting how seeking God saved his life. Told from a perspective to inspire readers to seek God, not their own answers to help lead them out of depression and hopelessness, the author presents Scripture, hope and truth. With a simple look at pertinent scripture verses and a simple method of choosing God’s ways instead of your own, the author shows that this will lead to new life.  

With each chapter readers will discover an introspective and reflective journey. Presenting a challenge to faith with thought-provoking insight into the truth of the Word of God, coupled with Biblical insight and stories as the author speaks the truth of God’s Word. Ending with discussion questions helps readers to assimilate and think back upon their own journey, choices, feelings and brings an understanding of the truth in Scripture.

There is one sentence that caught my eye and speaks to those who are perhaps “wise in their own estimations”. This one statement perhaps sums up what many have come to find in their own lives. “Self-reliance had failed me, and the results of my choices were glaringly awful. I convinced myself that I was hopeless, and God could not and would never love me.” This remarkable comment reflects what many may have experienced in some way or another. It’s our choices that can create life or death in our lives. The author lovingly expresses how God can redeem any soul, any situation and that it’s never too late.

While this book is in no way comprehensive on the subject of depression, or a substitute for counselling or professional measures, the author has given insight into understanding that perhaps you can’t do life alone without God…and two, you need Jesus more than you think. His book is simple, yet profound as he touches on the heartbeat of a life once lost (his) and relates how God can breathe new life into what you thought was dead. An amazing read!

This book comes as a highly recommended for just about anyone who is experiencing depression, hopelessness, loneliness and has, or is, currently contemplating suicide. There is hope.

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A Prayer Study Guide

Title: A Prayer Study Guide
By: Dr. Willie B. White
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Prayer Study Guide by Dr. Willie B. White is designed as an effective, yet insightful and encouraging guide to increasing understanding and knowledge of prayer. “Exploring the prayer from Biblical and scriptural (using the King James Version), practical and relational viewpoints that speak of, “…prayer from its history, phenomenon, philosophy, practices, patterns, the practices of prayer, the many different kinds of prayer and what can hinder a prayer's effectiveness.”

Many want their prayers to be answered. There is not doubt that is “why” we pray. This book gives a much deeper understanding as to what prayer is. Prayer is communion, worship, praise and adoration of God. There are ways to pray effectively and there are things in our life or attitudes of heart that will hinder prayer. Unlocking these guidelines, the Bible, the Psalms and many patriarchs from the Old and New Testament, to include Jesus as our example give us insight as to what an effective prayer life looks like.

This book will increase your faith as you explore and learn to approach prayer in a fresh, new way that will invigorate your relationship with God, bring exciting answers and give you a mature approach to prayer. For many this book will be a catalyst to seeing God move mountains in their life. This author has researched the Scriptures thoroughly and while this works is an exhaustive commentary, it is a complete joy to read that is founded on the Word of God.

With the inclusion of many strong Biblical patriarchs (such as Abraham, David, Solomon, etc), their predicaments and/or prayer that relates how these are written for our instruction. For example, do you need wisdom?  The author takes a look at Solomon, relates the story of Solomon asking God for wisdom. Concisely, the author then reiterates how “we” as believers are to understand the themes and scriptures pertaining to wisdom, gives additional discussion questions, and extrapolates other verses, and provides a guide of “how” we are to ask for wisdom, giving the benefit thereof. The author’s ability in her book unveils a strong preaching anointing, which really gives readers keen understanding, teaching and exhortation in understanding Biblical concepts and Kingdom principles.

This book comes as a MUST-READ for all Christians new and mature alike. I cannot recommend the absolute importance of this book to the readers’ faith.

Get your copy of A Prayer Study Guide at Amazon. You may also visit the author at Uplifting Insights.

Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional

Messages from God:
An Illuminated Devotional

By: Kathleen Schwab, Photography: 
Therese Kay

A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional by Kathleen Schwab, photography by Therese Kay, offers readers beauty, hope and spiritual inspiration through an exploration of canvased beauty, gift wrapped in a daily devotional-style book. Each journal entry has been culminated from the author’s years of journaling, coupled with Jesus’ response.

Capturing the essence of healing through profound photography, graphic artistry and complimented by scripture verses, famous quotes by writers and Saints, this beautiful book is written with purpose – to infuse readers with life, God’s life and beauty. Readers will find deep encouragement in seeking, reflecting, journaling their own faith and hope journeys that will bring peace, balance, and godly light into their perspectives.

Segmented by 5 categories: Daily Life, Experiencing God, Living in a Broken World, God Transforms Us and Heading for Heaven, each page captures an intimate message from God, illuminating the beauty of God’s creation, His Word and His presence in life. With delicacy and care each truth is presented as a daily gift, meant to be treasured in memory and soul, offering uplifting thoughts, reflections, discussion questions and interludes presenting premises from the Kingdom of Heaven.

The author’s purpose was to create a book that would help you, the reader, develop, and grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord, offering comfort, hope and beauty to the weary soul.

This book comes highly recommended for those that have suffered great emotional or physical pain. This book is an avenue to bring back life and hope to those hearts and minds that have once been broken, to be able to believe in God again, hope again and to truly start living again.

A beautiful masterpiece! 

Children's Book - Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach

Title: Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach
By: Craig T. Feigh
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

“This book is a fantastic way to tell kids…don’t go surfing if you don’t know how.” ~CBM 

Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach by Craig T. Feigh is a colorfully illustrated children’s book depicting love-able characters and their pets that introduces children metaphorically to computers and the dangers of surfing the Web. Creating word pictures, namely, that the Web is much like a huge ocean, parents can use this book as an aid in educating their children about computers and the Internet.

Simple, fun and cute, children will make the connection to the Internet and the main parts of computers with each page. A hidden image of a bone on each page makes the book fun and interactive (secretly my favorite part). With adventure, Little Bit and his crew set out for a day of play at the beach. Little Bit Romie, the main character alongside Click, Browser (the “chip’s” pets) go to the beach with his big brother, Big Byte. Joy, his sister, Kay Board and Webster also join in at the beach to build sandcastles.

With little notice, trouble comes through sly characters Vi and Russ, who are looking to crash any party. The author creates a unique and creative “day at the beach” which is saved by a big wave…thankfully. Memorable and inspiring, this little book will help children understand to surf intelligently and with skilled “know how.”

Children and parents alike will love the illustrations, giving way for parents to teach their kids about computers. The author has presented an ingenious way to speak the dangers of surfing the Web to young children that they will enjoy.

This little book comes highly recommended to all parents when beginning to educate their children about computers, or when school starts children on computers.

Get Your Copy Today - Everyday Christian Living

Everyday Christian Living - Authors for Christ. In today's world, life comes with challenges, whirlwinds, tornadoes, raging seas and simply bad hair days. Is there a perfect day? Many times life deals us some very nasty cards. Other times our actions, words and the decisions that we make invite fire flies that can make life miserable. Then there are those days when people rub us the wrong way. Everyday Christian Living is filled with short stories and fun and humorous sayings that you will find fun to read and easy to apply in your daily life that will help you to put the fires out, calm the waters and find victory over many of life's situations.