Who is in Control of Your Life?

Title: Who is in Control of Your Life?
How to “Walk in the Spirit” in Victory.
By: Lawrence W. Stanfield, PhD
A CBM Christian Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Who is in Control of Your Life by Lawrence W. Stanfield, PhD., with an available study guide showcases the “how to” walk in the mind of the Spirit versus the flesh. Based upon the scripture verses stating, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6 NIV)

Essential to the Christian life, one will not have peace or victory unless one understands the above scripture verse. But how does one walk in the Spirit of God? Biblical truths are presented with a guidemap of what this means and what it looks like. Giving the entire truth, the author shares that being born again is only the first part of the journey, you need to embrace your Cross, die to self, and then live again through the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. But just how do you do that?

Who is in Control of Your Life?, gives you a helping hand, an overview and encouragement for the journey to become intimately acquainted with the Holy Spirit that will lead and guide you into all truth!

This is a fascinating adventure through the story of creation, the fall, the rebirth and the redemption of all mankind back to God. Truly this is an amazing read, put together to encourage the Saints to persevere and resolutely march to wherever the Spirit leads them.

Readers will love each short chapter: In the Beginning God, Meet Your Generational Parents, Understanding Your Inner Conflict, The Conflict Point (Part 1 & 2), How to Walk in the Spirit (Part 1 & 2) teach one step-by-step of receiving the Holy Spirit and obeying in faith. The journey is a process and the journey is not complete without following the Holy Spirit’s lead.

This book comes highly recommended to all new and mature believers desiring intimacy with the Spirit of God as a follower of God!  A must read. 

You may get your copy of Who is in Control of Your Life? at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.

CBM Book Blast - Sword of the Spirit

Sword of the Spirit by Mark Norris
A Highly Recommended Must Read

Sword of the Spirit by Mark Norris  - To most in the Realm of Drugolin, otherly spirit lore lingered as mysterious legends best suited for late night hearths. On rare occasions one might hear of strange visitations. Some of huge, radiant beings bearing aid and guidance. Others of dark, evil creatures summoning dread and death. All were a part of Drugolish legend, but few took them seriously.

The westland village of Noy couldn’t afford the apathy of its unenlightened, middleland neighbors. Its enclosing fortress walls stood as a monument to the frightening visitations it experienced, day and night.

When the town’s most celebrated
otherly adventurer receives a prophetic lamp, he teams with one final group on a faith empowering mission into the dread regions of evil that could usher in an eternal age where mortals are like angels and God reigns supreme.

Yahwin (God), Krystos (Jesus), Sahron (Satan), a host of
otherly foes, warrior angels, and warrior prophets endued with extraordinary power all inhabit this peculiar realm in which author Mark Norris tells an eschatological tale that wars for the Millennium’s victor’s rights.

What would you do if an angel materialized in your bedroom tonight, handed you a prophetic lampstand that projected the events of Satan’s rebellion, and invited you to brave the powers of hell?  ................. 
The otherly is waiting,…will you go?

What others say about Sword of the Spirit:

In Sword of the Spirit, Mark takes us on an intense and imaginative quest that parallels our own lives. A great piece of work that captivates the reader while increasing our ability to remain free from the schemes of darkness. I love  it. It is lush in imagery.“ ~ Gary Crawford

This book really made me think. It delves into spiritual warfare, and considers some of the ways God could anoint believers who resist the enemy in the last days. This book challenged me to believe God for some things I had never considered before. But, it is also a good story. It has plenty of action and I found it hard to put down. I recommend it!” ~ Tom Miller

Available at Barnes and Noble 

The Power of Childhood

Title: The Power of Childhood: 
It’s time to break the destructive cycle of childhood 

trauma in your life!
By: Lawrence W. Stanfield, PhD
A CBM Christian Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Lawrence W. Stanfield, PhD, relates the importance of healing childhood trauma. Offering solutions and explanation into habits and patterns that develop into adulthood through an unstable home environment lend insight into an approach to holistic healing. These means of holistic healing are through the rebirth process and living a godly life. Consequently, the necessary ingredients that a child needs is presented. He gives readers the tools to recognize unstable environments and childhood trauma received from insecurity, giving hope to readers with encouragement to seek holistic means of healing of the soul through Jesus, the Bible and the application of Biblical principles.

Throughout the author sheds light into practical application through scripture verses that offer a clear perspective of the epidemic of dilemma affecting so many people into their adult years. His book combines decades of research, his own childhood trauma coming from an unstable environment, and depicts case studies that further reveal the plight of victims in childhood.  He gives truth to believers that they might not be able to live a victorious life in Christ without certain biblical principles in play. He encourages confrontation of issues related to childhood trauma and perception to challenge.

Presenting information that is without the usual psychological dogma that is difficult to understand, he speaks to readers with compassion. Chapter One begins with encouraging Biblical truths and profound, yet simple, insights that make this a worth-while read to understand a child’s deep need for love, security and self-esteem within a godly environment with parents being living examples of God’s love. Crucial explanation of the basic foundational building blocks that promote a well-rounded adult, the author conversely gives understanding to what happens to children that don’t receive these basics in childhood. His book gives an overview of brain function, mental development, and behavior cycles that come from not receiving the basics in childhood. In essence, both the brain and soul are affected; therefore, both are in need of reprogramming and healing.

At the core of his book is the solution for the soul in holistic healing represented through the rebirth and receiving of the Holy Spirit. Without these two functions, a Christian will not live victoriously. Unveiling the nature of God, our Creator, as a loving Father, and Jesus Christ, His Son, the author presents a guide to walking in the Spirit of God, giving Biblical truth as foundational for becoming whole and free. Yet, he offers truth, and speaks of false doctrine in certain theology that speaks of Christianity as a way to become blessed, prosperous and not suffer. Rather, He speaks of the sanctified soul and the dying to self as a way of daily walking with God.

Such chapters ask pertinent questions such as: Is Your Past Your Present? Is Your Perception Your Reality? The Power of Childhood, The Impact of the Home Environment, Which Comes First – The Chicken or the Egg? Are You an Emotional Stuffer? The Supremacy of the Soul, Do You Struggle with Control? Are You a Deceived Believer? & Childhood-Launchpad Into Tomorrow. In this way, the author offers information to identify such abnormal behavior, emotions and patterns that may be hindering the readers’ walk in life that affect relationships and personal fulfillment.

With hope and dignity, the author gives practical Biblical solutions to bring forth healing for the soul.

Order your copy of The Power of Childhood at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

God, I’m Angry at You!

Title: God, I’m Angry at You! 
Where were you God when I was hurting?

By: Lawrence W. Stanfield, PHD
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

God, I’m Angry at You! Where were you God when I was hurting? by Lawrence W. Stanfield, PhD, offers the story of Joseph captured in the book of Genesis as a backdrop to come alongside trauma survivors, giving hope and instruction that will usher in a progressive approach to inner healing.  A chapter-by-chapter approach gives readers a glimpse of Joseph’s ancestral traits and sins, while providing an understanding of familial dysfunction, abuse, generational bloodline transfers and so much more, to bring Biblical and practical inner healing from past traumas. 

The author has written a much-needed book that should be recognized not only by the Christian community, but by the secular community.  His purpose in writing the book is to address the silent epidemic and the alarming deterioration of family units and individuals. The author teaches Biblical principles that intertwine with Joseph’s story to help readers understand their past in order to move forward in their present.  This book also has the potential to bring much healing of the mind, soul and spirit with a look at Joseph who is much like us today.

The story of Joseph is one of family dysfunction and victory (in the end of course); but not before unimaginable trauma, separation, betrayal, loss and heartache took place.  Readers will embark on a journey through progressive chapters such as: Home, Your Launchpad for Self-Destruction, Caution! You Have Hidden Baggage, Is Your Past Your Present? Are You Programmed to Self-Destruct? God, I am Hurting! Where Are You God? What is God’s Responsibility in Human Suffering? Will You Be Made Whole? (John 5:6) & Your Divine Encounter with God. The author goes to great lengths to teach a practical way of healing embedded within the pages of Joseph’s story and the Bible.  The author states that we (as humans) can only submit ourselves into the Potter’s hands as clay (something to keep in mind).

His book reveals a flurry of wrong choices beginning from Rebekah (Jacob’s mother) to a wide range of emotions, mindsets and self-destructive thoughts and ways that keep us from God.  Encouraging all to look up to God, the author speaks from a psychological standpoint as one who was well-acquainted with failure and certainly understands feelings of hopelessness, despair, and not measuring up. Yet, he adamantly states God is the only One who can meet us in our darkest nights and pit experiences to see us through. God’s compassion, love, and instruction is revealed through the life of Joseph, similarly we can expect the same.  Insight into the human psyche gives us a front-row seat and the author challenges readers to thought-provoking issues that will bring enlightenment, healing and the grace of God upon one’s life.  

God, I’m Angry at You! Where were you God when I was Hurting? further sheds light in the statement and thought of, where were you God when I needed you the most?  His book provides answers to human suffering and offers hope through that pervasive question prevalent in the story of Joseph and in our own lives.

This book comes highly recommended due to the author’s vast experience with trauma victims, his trauma counsel experience, as well as a being a pastor and minister for many years, including work in the social services serving children and families. 

You may get your copy of God, I’m Angry at You! At Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Author George Tyrrell

Title: Tapping Your God Source:
A Book of Biblical Healing
By: George Tyrrell
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

Former Atheist, George Tyrrell, writes on the power from God, from the Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit), that abides in all of us. His book is written as a manual to tap into God as our one and only source, from Him flows all things, and the power of resurrection abides in His healing touch.

The author uses Scripture throughout, but begins with something quintessentially simple with the concept of, “…on Earth as it is in the Heavens” reflects all of God's creation is resurrection from desolation, which is our own way of salvation as well. He expresses that as there is no sickness in Heaven, with that said the Kingdom of Heaven can also invade Earth, and bring healing in a variety of ways. He makes an amazing statement in his book, But we will find: there are ways to rise up even from the depths of despair to finally tap into the Godly power within us all and there find the strength to overcome sickness and privation and follow the way of God’s creation—to ever resurrect into constant renewal.” Taking a deep look into faith, and God’s ways, he leads the readers through an analyzation to consider…God as your source for all that you need.

Consequently, this writing combines a therapeutic approach with Biblical insight, Scripture and practices. The author has addressed issues plaguing mankind such as: despair, depression, grief, addictions, compulsive thoughts, etc…all that take us away from God. Leading one into sanctification, the author examines the mind, heart and soul of a person through confession, repentance, and Scripture infusion.

This is an amazing read for those who want to seek healing in a new life in Christ, and is also recommended for those that feel stuck, or suffer from illness. For professional use, the author includes methods such as: The Nouthetic method, Patterns and Sources, Healing Through Faith: A Scientific Perspective, with References in the back.  His unique approach to the subject of Biblical healing unites the scientific and psycho-therapeutic view, as the author reveals that all intertwine.

Divided into 2 easy-to-read sections, as such 8 chapters are titled: (Part I - Drawing the Healing Powers):  Prayers that Work, Conquering Your Inner Demons, Living a Positive Life, Rising From Illness and Pain, Are There Prophetic Dreams? (Part II - Toward Actualization and Transcendence): The Interpersonal Path: Applied Mortality, The Personal Path: Tapping Your Full Potential, The Transpersonal Path: Toward Self-Transcendence.

Offering reinforcement to those with weak faith and doubts, or that may have debilitating factors that would keep them from becoming all they can be in God, the author begins with also bringing the issue of faith to the forefront. To those that believe in our modern-day society and that science has discredited Biblical teachings, his book offers a fresh look into faith and belief in “God.” Those who could not conceive of believing in such a God, he offers questions, challenges and assessment, stating that even Atheists can believe in a higher creative power of the Universe.

The author explains that this “God-source” lies within us since we are all created like dust and have the breath of life breathed from God Himself. This source is what his book investigates, taking the Christian way of living, combined with the teachings of the Bible and Jesus, coupled with therapeutic techniques that offer a guide into tapping into healing…through faith, declaration and meditation.

He wants others who don’t believe to not ignore the Scriptures, but to investigate. His book boldly states in a magnificent and fascinating way, that our own lives mirror Adam, made of dust, who rose into resurrection. Claiming that following God’s way, we can rise up from our own desolation through becoming reborn by the Spirit of God.

A wonderfully, Biblically-based read on Biblical healing and God as your source. You may get your copy of Tapping Your God Source at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Christian Author Russell Nickel

Title: What Has Been Will Be Again
By: Russell Nickel
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

Coming against deception in these Last Days is the author’s main goal that is displayed through scriptural teaching about past events that we (as human beings) need to understand about God, His nature, sin and deception that will protect us in the future days in the Church, as well as our eternal destiny.

Easy-to-read and understand, the author has spent decades studying the Bible, and has based his book on the scripture verse in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “The thing that hath been, is that which shall be; and that which is done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Relating rich Biblical history and prophecy, the author states his brief explanation of his book, “In this book I will reveal what the scripture is trying to communicate to us about the past, the present, and what types of events are coming in the future.” Therefore, the author begins by taking readers into an “in-depth” review of several Old Testament events; then relates how these past events cast a prophetic shadow of what is to come in the future as revealed prophetically by the Bible.

This is an amazing read as the author discerns these past events that are written to us as warnings. Unfortunately, as the author reiterates…history can repeat itself and that if nations, peoples and cultures, to include entire civilizations, don’t learn from the past, their future is doomed. Furthermore, this book reveals that these future events also are related to us as warnings from the New Testament and are also given in John’s book of Revelations.

For Christians this is an adventure into Scripture that relates how prophecy is given throughout the Bible, suddenly things will make sense and answers will given. For the new believer, this book educates. For the unbeliever, sceptics or those who doubt God’s Word, this book will open eyes to the truth of God’s Word and its prophetic nature…revealing to all the spiritual battle that ensues as an invisible force, giving much understanding.

As such, his book also advocates to readers to be of those who would search Scripture to be of a “Berean spirit” (As stated in Acts 17:11, which is those who search the Scriptures themselves, discerning truth from deception), he encourages all to be of this same Berean spirit. His book helps those who endeavour to know the truth of the Word of God versus Satanic deception is a very real thing. His book states that one must know the Scriptures for themselves, lest they be deceived as the Bible speaks.

With such chapters as: The Journey Begins, The Two Seeds, God Wipes the Slate Clean, The Sons of God, A Question From Abraham, Bricks Without Straw, Nothing New Under the Sun, And They Became Fools, Who Receives a Reward, Twice Dead, A Form of Godliness, The Day of Great Tribulation,  & Hope for the Overcome.  This book comes as a highly recommended read as the author has over 25 years of studying this material, with quite thousands of hours of research, he has connected the dots to the past to reveal intriguing truths, warnings and deception that is to come. This book is a must-read for all Christians to understand that “What Has Been Will Be Again.”

A Must Read For All …

For more information visit Author Russell Nickel at his website What Has Been Will Be Again. You may also get your copy of What Has Been Will Be Again at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.

Abba’s Sanctuary

Title: Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One)
By: AKSMC, Shirley JoAnn Taylor
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

A must read children’s book ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One) by Shirley JoAnn Taylor is a delightful children’s book telling an amazing true story of a daycare in the southeast area of Washington DC that received a special gift in the form of a dove from Abba, Father God. 

With colorful digital imagery and developed for young children from ages 2 to 5-years-old,  the author as founder of Dard’s Parkland Daycare Center, gives the account of Abba’s Sanctuary that became a safe haven for children and Abba’s creatures alike.

During one normal day at the program, the director of the daycare (and author of the book) received a special gift in the form of a special dove. This dove became known as “Peace” representing symbolically the Holy Spirit that resides upon and in each one of us. Book One describes how God sent them the dove as a special gift. Peace was unique in the way she interacted with the director and the school. Young children will come alive with wonder and awe learning of God’s creation and of the peaceful way the dove interacted each day at the school. Peace soon became the children’s and director’s favorite school pet.

Yet, there were more doves to be added to the story. Come and see what happens. The author relates to readers that the Lord indeed sent a dove to relate to His children His peace, prosperity and love to all.  With scripture verses, the author delights in the sharing of Jesus, His peace and His blessing to her through the dove that came to Abba’s Sanctuary.

Christian parents will be able to use this book to teach their children about Abba, Father God, His creation and His love for all of His creatures. Abba’s Sanctuary can also be utilized to teach little ones about the Holy Sprit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ peace from the Holy Spirit.

A highly recommended read that children and parents alike will enjoy! 

You may get your copy of Abba’s Sanctuary (Book One) at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

New Book Release - Words Unspoken

Title: Words Unspoken
By: Tronell Walker
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Tronell Walker writes her life memoir to encourage all to look to the Lord to find purpose in their own journey of life. Tronell’s childhood started out as any normal kid. She was full of life and joy; yet, seeds were sown into her life that created issues, tempted her with sin, coupled with childhood abuse, that led her down the wrong path. Her journey is one that speaks of unspoken words, thoughts, intentions and the distractions throughout her life that led to wrong choices and destructive paths. Her book culminates in the fact that God was always watching over her, and eventually, He led her to walk out of the shadows, until she found light in Him. She wants others to know the joys of living a new life in Christ, giving her own testimony as a testament to that.

Describing the high’s, the low’s, the family pressure, her low self-esteem, Tronell grew up in the 70’s in a large family in Destrehan, Louisiana. As time passed, she was like any other kid that had hopes, dreams and talents that were slowly stolen, replaced by a life of sin leading her astray. With such chapters as: The Beginning, Stolen Innocence, Building Blocks, Love Changes Things, Blessings in Disguise, A Mother’s Love, Struggles, Shape Shifter, Rebirth, Purpose, Enjoying the Walk & The Conclusion: Perfectly Flawed, she displays to readers that it’s never too late!

Readers will be able to relate to growing up in this era, along with plenty of humor, respect for love of family and memorable sayings, coupled with words of inspiration, encouragement, Scripture and wisdom that make this a memorable book.

This book comes highly recommended to those searching for purpose and peace and serves as an inspirational book for those (especially single parents), to seek God and live with a purpose. 

You may order your copy of Words Unspoken at Amazon.

Where Love Calls 6th book in the Where There is Love Series

Title: Where Love Calls
(6th book in the Where There is Love Series)
By: Donna Fletcher Crow
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

“With much research, depicting real-life historical events, the author is dedicated to not losing the heart, loyalty, perseverance, suffering and faith from previous generations, so that what is sacred may remain in the hearts and minds of future generations. What a wonderful series!” ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Where Love Calls (6th in the Where There is Love series) - set in late 19th century England, includes revealing and remarkable historical events that shaped many men and women, who left behind a legacy of love and faith that is not to be forgotten, as the author explains why she writes her series. Accurate research enriches books that blend romance, drama, life and death, and social injustice that change history, through the lives of characters within her books. Mainly focusing on Evangelical Anglicans, faith is challenged and love prevails.

Set in England during the great revivals that blew across England through such evangelists as D.L. Moody and Ira Sankey. Where Love Calls, depicts Hilda Beauchamp, a strong-willed and God-fearing believer, with many of her own plans. She often thinks she is in charge, leaving God in the background. And Kynaston Studd, as one who has caught the missionary bug to China gripping Cambridge University.

Despite harrowing plans of both hero and heroine, Hilda schemes to marry Kynaston to her own sister; and Kynaston fights despondency when he is left behind as his friends head off to China. Hilda is also completely aghast to discover a blooming love for the man she had planned to marry her sister. Love is forged and may be lost in this novel.

Donna Fletcher Crow captivates readers with the intertwining of fascinating historical accounts shedding light on the heroism of the past that helps us remember the work of past generations. Her novels bring to the forefront English literature, history, romance, intrigue, hope, and inspiration with the true meaning of sacrifice. Epic in nature, each book could become a fantastic mini-series.

You may get your copy of Where Love Calls at Amazon. You may see all of Donna's books at her Donna Fletcher Crow Amazon Page.

The Transcendent Signet of God

Title: The Transcendent Signet of God:
A Proposal Made in Time to Last an Eternity
By: Lawrence Pillay
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Written to answer a question the author received in a Bible study group, The Transcendent Signet of God: A Proposal Made in Time to Last an Eternity by Lawrence Pillay takes a closer look at God Himself and Agape love as set forth before time itself.  The question asked was, “Why did God place the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve and then give them such a harsh punishment, and why did all of mankind since then also have to pay in a manner that we ourselves, as mere men, would not impose for something seemingly quite innocent when we as people compare that act to the severity of sin today?” Reviewing the warnings given by Jesus to the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation, the author administers to the Church to also come back to agape love as mentioned in Scripture.

While also considering the “whole counsel of God” the author takes readers on a logical trail of thought, discovery, revealing the incredible story of mankind, the author sheds light on many facets of God’s love for mankind, answering the many questions one might have. Simple in nature, yet profound, the author relates that humanity may not be interested in abounding theologies of religion and the like, but that all of mankind seeks one thing: Love. With that in mind, Pillay defines “Agape love” coupled with excellent Biblical teaching that assists readers in understanding God’s nature, intent, and love with an intertwining of Scripture that paints a beautiful picture of God’s love for all.  This pure love-based interest in us as humans, as His creation, is what defines us, and what brings true identity and a deep understanding of the love of God that brings solid understanding of the freedom offered in the love of God.

Tackling such subjects as truth, the Free Will, the Law, Sin, Forgiveness, Agape in Man, the Work of the Holy Spirit, Pain and Suffering, The Kingdom of Agape, the author lays a Biblical foundation built on truth from the Word of God that is profound teaching with insights set forth to help readers comprehend the “why” of such things as the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit, free choice, freedom, with the resounding theme that “God is LOVE”. Further defining of the deep meaning of “Agape” love brings an important piece to the puzzle, as the author continues to set forth answers. Concluding with “Discipline on Earth means rewards in Heaven” brings encouragement, understanding and hope for life on Earth and life beyond into Eternity.

This is truly an incredible and introspective read and will give those who believe in God, and those who “believe not” in God, a true perspective of the God of love – not of religion or a set of laws, commandments and rituals. The author makes it known to readers that you are loved from the beginning of time, into Eternity and the Father desires you to come home.

This is a highly recommended read to bring fresh hope and perspective into dying hearts, lives, relationships, ministries and purposes that will reignite the fire of God’s love for YOU - while giving deep-insight into the love of God.

You may get your copy of The Transcendent Signet of God at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Dr. Tony V. Lewis

The Message & the Messenger: A Guide to Basic Sermon Preparation & Ministry Protocol

Dr. Tony V. Lewis, President of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary offers practical, scholarly, academic and practical preparation in sermon preparation, but greater than that, this book sheds his insight from a pastoral perspective on the preaching and teaching ministry call. This may be the only book you will need on this subject, covering a clear guide and roadmap to service from the pulpit to the masses. Dr. Lewis writes, “The call to ministry and to preaching is also a call to preparation and a call to study.”

A must-read for all who have been called to preach!

Word Potential: Essays on the Faculty of Spoken Words

Dr. Tony V. Lewis as a pastor, preacher and founder of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary speaks “life” of the Word of God into readers’ lives! Giving a transparent, yet thought-provoking and challenging premise derived from the Word of God, as speaking spirits, we are called to “speak” not “talk”. Those who talk only consume, but those who speak create by the very Word of God. This is one of those books EVERY Christian should know, learn and have in their arsenal to share with others. 


The Wife He Wants - What a Godly Man Seeks in a Wife

Dr. Tony V. Lewis writes on the subject of returning a relationship into the loving resource it was meant to be. This not a one-sided male chauvinistic view on what a woman should be without any accountability from the male counterpart of the relationship. In his pivotal, yet practical and biblical viewpoint, the author gives insight, tips, guidelines into sharing meaningful relationships and restoring balance so that both sides to end in a compliment to each other. This book will bring understanding to 7 things of what a godly man should desire in a wife, while setting the bar for behavior, attitudes and actions on both parties from a firm godly perspective.

A must-read for godly men desiring a godly wife. For women this book might be designed to understand your ideal mate and/or husband. For couples, this book might enhance and give practical insight into your relationship that can promulgate change for the better.

For more information about the author, his books and some wonderful ministry, visit TVLewis Books.

Dr. Ken Matto

Title: Bible Prophecy:
Interpreting Scripture According to the Scriptures
By: Dr. Ken Matto
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Bible Prophecy: Interpreting Scripture According to the Scriptures by Dr. Ken Matto speaks of Bible prophecy with a “hard hitting” style and makes no apologies.  Giving as a backdrop - 1 Corinthians 2:13 KJV, “Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” The author writes a book that challenges the status quo of biblical prophecy by using the Bible as the only source for true prophecy.

The author has written this book to expose false prophecy and greed that promulgates false doctrine. The subject of true biblical prophecy versus man’s way of interpreting scriptures through looking at news media, broadcasts, headlines from newspapers or magazines, and through best-seller biblical prophecy books is a false premise that promotes error, as stated in the book, (giving note that there can be parallels). He advocates the teaching through interpreting Scriptures according to the Scriptures, comparing that which is spiritual to that which is spiritual. In this way, man is left out of the equation, leaving no possibility and room for error. The author states, “…so do we listen to men or do we listen to God’s word? That is the crux of the matter, God’s word or man’s word?”

Fascinating, powerful and easy-to-read, from this book one will learn to decipher Bible prophecy and glean truth from Scripture. Readers will gain deep insight into End Time prophecy that unfolds before their very eyes. Such subject matters such as: Israel, the Rapture, the Tribulation, the mark of the Beast (666), the Antichrist, the Thousand-Year Reign, Jacob’s Trouble, the Holy Spirit taken away, the Great Apostasy, Christ Second Coming and so much more give insight into End Time events.

The author has done a wonderful job of highlighting the truth of the Bible and intertwining prophecy, and as it turns out, Bible prophecy does not have to be so complicated that one would have to be a theologian to understand it. 

This is an eye-opening book, revealing God’s Way of Biblical prophecy that is not only invigorating but offers great encouragement, sound doctrine and wise understanding, thus making this book an excellent read!

A CBM Christian Book Review, sharing Christian authors and books with the world.