An Incredible True Story of Survival

Title: A Day That God Made
By: Mike Masi
Kindle Version Only
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Day That God Made is an incredible true-story of survival, overcoming the odds and something other than just good luck that saved him that unforgettable day.  As a pilot, the unthinkable happened - it was a day of his small plane colliding upon a frozen tundra in a remote part of Southwest, Alaska. 

Provocative, thought-provoking and raw, this author’s style will keep readers on the edge of the seat as he intertwines the main character’s reflections with that of his current life. Full of suspense, drama and reality, the author delivers a strong, bold, gutsy, action-packed, suspense novella of survival nestled within Latin sayings and thoughts. . . you never know what your today or tomorrow holds.     

Facing hypothermia, the pilot wrestles with the reality of the bitter Artic cold. Trapped, the pilot wearily reviews his options.  Facing the fear of being trapped is not his only opposition, there are many more to come in this exhilarating and brilliant story, with many twists and turns.  Things could change without a moment’s notice. . .

A highly recommended short read for anyone that loves true-grit stories that speak of facing your fears, overcoming tremendous adversity and the triumph of getting through something that could of killed you.  A truly amazing story and a highly recommended read. 

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